Saturday, September 13, 2008

Alan Vernall Passes away- He Will Be Missed

I just received news that Alan Vernall died a few days ago. His wife contacted Jeanne Rhea and asked that she help pass this information on to the polymer clay groups and guilds.If you would like to send condolences and need an email or snail mail address, please email Jeanne and she will send it to you.This indeed is so very sad as Alan was such an unselfish, giving and sharing soul who had a love for polymer clay and sharing what he knew about it with others. You can see some of his experiments and work here.Many who knew of Alan may be calmed by knowing he he died very peacefully acording to his wife who had found him this past Tuesday Morning while she was out.Alan my friend Rest in Peace, you gave so much to the polymer clay community and you will be missed and never forgotten. Your work will always be appreicated and remembered. Now you will know what it is to have real wings, for the ones you became well known for sharing with many in this world will remain your legacy being shared as you have always shared them and created by many in your name and honor.