Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Refer A Friend

Refer A Friend: "
Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange"

No Kidding I got my $25. This is going to be the next PayPal.

If your selling give your buyers an alternative and make more.

If your buying and your sellers are offering it, use it and allow them to make more for their stuff.

Totally legitimate!!!

Andrea "Cre8"

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Upcoming events for free online you can find for making miniatures.

Custom Dollhouse Miniatures website offers a free to join forum where members who are also artists teach classes through the forum to the members wanting to learn whatever they are teaching.

Everything from cakes to cradles, plants and foods. Lots of polymer clay projects and a nice way to show off and sell some of it if you like to, and don't forget its a great place to buy miniatures as well. Wonderful artists from around the world have some very nice miniatures that you will not find anywhere else. Tiny dolls, animals, plants, foods, and so much more. One of a kind items you will just love to look at once your there.

Every Saturday is a free online class being held.

April 26th is Learning How to make Miniatures from Found Objects
Learn to Make Duncan Donuts with Sarah Harrison May 10th
Learn to Sculpt A Miniature Bear May 17th
Learn to make a 1:12 Scale Cheesecake May 24th
Learn to Make a Working Cupboard May 31st
Learn to Sculpt 1:12 scale Pears June 14th
Learn to Make a Cheese Board June 21st
Learn to Paint a 1:12 Scale Landscape June 28th
Learn to Make a 1:12 Stick Horse July 12th

So you see this is a great site for miniaturists, and or just polymer clay players who wish to have some fun, learn something new etc... there are many things you can learn from the classes that have past. All are listed on the main site tutorial page and or in the archives of the forum where they were held. Hope to see you there!!!