Friday, September 07, 2007

Contributions Needed for Dollhouse Minis Blog

I am a contributor over at Dollhouse Minis another wonderfuly planed blog. I have not contributed anything there lately because I need your help by telling me about things you see online that are miniature related and worth sharing with the world!

Dolls, dollhouses, mini foods, mini furniture, miniture artists, dollhouse kits, dollhouse suppliers, miniature how to videos, other wonderful dollhouse or miniature related blogs, free mini printables, miniture tutorials, miniture magazines, miniature yahoo groups, miniature forums, mini clubs and mini finds.

Even the tiniest bit of information can help and be contributed.

Andrea "Cre8"

Website Updated

Clay 101 is an informative page on everything you wanted to know about polymer clay and a few other wonderful supplies, tools and questions you may have but don't know who to ask or where to go to find the answers. I am forever compliling new information and adding so please bookmark my site and visit often.

New Chalk Board Paint Recipe,

You can buy the stuff from your local harware or craft stores, but only in green or black. How about a red, pink, blue, or even a purple chalk board. You can make it yourself and use any color you choose to create. Free from me to my friends and visitors. Check out my website!!!